Friday, May 12, 2006

So, my plan for this blog is to keep a posting window open whenever possible. Whatever comes to mind, I'll type up and share.

So for today, I'm feeling kind of blah today. The weather isn't great...cloudy, damp, that could be part of it. My boss goes on vacation today, so I'm a little worried about how I'll fill my time at work! I know, I sounds like a great thing, but when you're a freelancer trying to land a staff job, you want to be indispensable!

I'll write more later...not really in the mood now.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Why did I name my blog "Gone to Carolina in My Mind?"

Because when things get crazy at work, or I'm just a little bit sick of NYC...I go to Carolina in my mind. Cheesy? Definitely, but it's true. With summer coming, I added some Beach music to my iPod. For the uneducated masses (anyone who doesn't live in SC, has never been to OD at Myrtle Beach, or has never seen the movie), Beach music is perfect for shagging. Go ahead and get your mind out of the gutters...I mean the official state dance of SC, the Shag. If I sit on the roof with the sun beaming down, and a slight breeze drifting by, once the music drowns out the noise from the streets below I can pretend I'm sitting on a sandy beach along the Carolina shore. The waves are rolling closer, but the water's edge is far enough away that I can be lazy a bit more. Or maybe I'm in the backyard at my parents house, lounging by the pool. Mom's inside fixing tall, cold glasses of home-made ice tea while Dad fiddles with the flower beds in the backyard. On days when the hustle, bustle, and rude people push me to the breaking point, I just put on some Embers or Drifters or the Catalinas and pretend I'm back in SC.

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